Anna Borovikova Online Gallery



  1. Personal exhibition "IMMERSION" in the framework of ART RUSSIA 2022, Gostiny Dvor, Pavilion 29, Moscow, Russia
  2. Festival "ABSTRACTUM", 2022, Moscow (Kuznetsky Bridge, 20) , Russia
  3. Exhibition "WORLD OF ART", 2022, (New Tretyakov Gallery, West Wing) , Moscow, Russia
  4. Exhibition "RED GATE / AGAINST THE CURRENT-2022", Moscow House of Artists, Kuznetsky Most str., 11, p.1., Moscow, Russia
  5. Exhibition "ABSTRACTION", 15-30.07.2022, Art Future Gallery, Warsaw sh., 97.
  6. Naked Nature 18+, 2022, Nikolskaya Gallery, London.

Participation in events:

  1. Larisa Dolina's birthday (25/04/2022) (Russian famous singer)
  2. Music Award ZHARA MUSIC AWARDS 2022 (popular annual international music festival «ZHARA» (Founded in 2016 by Russian and Azerbaijani singer, musician and entrepreneur Emin)
  3. ARCH MOSCOW 2022, LED WINDOW stand – an illustration of the possibilities of lamps that simulate sunlight. (Large-scale annual exhibition of design and innovation "ARCH MOSCOW" 2022)
  4. The award ceremony "PROYACHTING. Person of the Year 2021". The event is part of the regatta WEDNESDAY NIGHT RACE. 10.08.2022, Royal Yacht Club.
  5. Leaders Day & Night, 02.07.2022, Soho Rooms, Bolshoy Savvinsky Lane, 12, p. 8, Moscow (
  6. Presentation of Mercedes-Benz, New X-Class, MB-Belyaevo, 07.06.2021